Thank you for your support in 2019 and welcome to our 2020 range.

This year we are offering again what we think are some of the finest lilies for the garden. We will be listing tulips and other spring bulbs again as you will see.

A new listing, aptly named ‘The Collector’s Corner’, will feature some nice plants from our garden that are rare and special.  These ‘x-factor plants’ add a real wow to the garden.

Our aim is always the same: first orders in are first to be dispatched in the 2nd week in May.  This, of course, is weather dependant but we do endeavour to have this deadline for our customers to receive their bulbs. Of note, we are introducing flowering times. However we do this with caution as our cooler climate flowering dates will differ from the warmer climates, but we hope this estimated guide will be helpful (based on Mt Somers flowering guide)

Here you will find Growing Tips and Frequently Asked Questions.  Extra order forms can also be found here.  Our garden is also open by appointment, call us on 03 303 9743 to arrange a time.

In the meantime, sit back with a cuppa or glass of something cold, and enjoy what we have for you this year.

Happy planning and planting
David & Wendy Millichamp